Now That’s What I Call A New World Order

Any conspiracy theorist/truthseeker/freethinking shitstirrer/ (delete as appropriate) worth his/her salt knows, the core premise of the ongoing New World Order attempt to enslave humanity is that of consent. The problems I have with this are simple – consent implies giving permission to somebody else to allow something they cannot do without your knowledge to take place. However, you cannot consent to something which you do not fully know about or understand. Or can you?

Can you know, for example, that “Education ” is nothing more than indoctrination of the mind via a system training you in unquestioning, uncritical, unconditional obedience? Can you know that television is nothing but a device for controlling minds and spewing out propaganda and brain numbing drivel endlessly? Can you know that mainstream media outlets are just that? Media. Not news. Not facts. Just repeating hatred, lies and discord, and endless misery in a perpetually repeating cycle; supplemented by something called entertainment that offers no reason to consider an original thought. Can you know that food is medicine, and medicine makes you sick, as natural foods disappear to be replaced by GMO creations that cause huge lists of long term health issues? (I do not class Genetically Modified as edible food). But the biggest question of all, is can you see yet how everything you thought you knew, was a manufactured lie? Do you consent to see the truth?

Since starting my very own “rabbit hole” journey, many years ago, I have had to question my sanity on many occasions. I have certainly had it questioned by others – you could say it’s been quite a feature of my life. Today, however, any remaining questions over my sanity have been blown out of the water, courtesy of Freeview.

The big claim of the New World Order is that everything now happening has been shown to us. In ‘Plain Sight’ they call it. All those things we call fiction? That ‘entertainment?’ Those movies? Those books? That music? Look again. Listen again. Think again. The imagery, symbolism, and twisted language associated with the illuminati, is all over it. Sure, we all know about Disney’s hidden messages, Orwell’s Dystopian world of twisted language and telescreens, Huxley’s AI manufactured world, Hollywood’s movies. You may even have read the blueprint (or one of, I should say) for the insanity that is our lives now, ‘Behold a pale horse’ by Milton William Cooper – (for those who haven’t, it’s available online in downloadable pdf format free of charge and it is essential reading if you need to understand current world events). Almost everything in it has already come to pass – making the conspiracy theory element of the argument kind of irrelevant.

What I hadn’t fully realised until today, was just HOW fully and obviously the masterminds in/behind the NWO have been showing us what they are, and what is happening/coming. Fancying a little bit of nostalgia, I decided to put on the Now ’80s music channel thinking it could be a laugh. It turned out not to be so funny. Every single song and video, all day long, was rammed with illuminati imagery, every song had a double meaning- the ones that weren’t already lyrically blatant that is. Eyes watching, pyramids, cages, chains and slaves, children (specifically, choirboys, and schoolboys) devil horns – and I thought the 1980s was such an innocent (in comparison to now) time! The songs spanned everything from pop to rock and love songs so no genre was immune – it was so utterly blatant that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t obvious to everybody. And then, I spotted it… NOW is a very obvious anagram of New World Order. Brings a very different perspective to ‘Now thats what I call music’! Then I remembered that three names came up on many, if not all, of the albums. Three names that became known by the abbreviation S/A/W (Stock, Aitkin & Waterman) which in turn appeared everywhere music was discussed. They are not only taking the piss out of us, they have been for decades as we sang along.

My point is this. No matter how obvious something may be to us individually, or how much we think we know – we can still miss stuff. Really stupid, blatantly apparent stuff. Therefore, can we really call it consent without a fully broken down, clear as day picture? And if it isn’t consent, how can it be implicit consent if the only understanding of it is a deliberately engineered misunderstanding?

All we can really know, is that we DON’T know everything. We cannot answer all the questions. We cannot feel every feeling, see every viewpoint, know every possible permutation. We have only one real choice if this is not to be the last generation of full humanity – refuse to accept the very notion of the ‘consent’ on offer. Take back our minds, take back our bodies, take back our souls. Take back our truths, our lives, our future. Now that’s what I’D call a result.

Rachel Carroll

Published by Haomanitylife

CEO Haomanity CIC CEO Haomanitylife

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